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Prospect Psychology in Wollongong


Problems and issues include:

Mood problems or depression

Feelings of emptiness, sadness, depression; struggling with poor motivation or low energy levels; mood swings


Excessive worry, panic, social anxiety, performance anxiety, phobias, health anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, overthinking things


Difficulty coping with reactions following a car accident, assault, abuse, injury

Coping with grief and loss

Dealing with the death or loss of a partner, family member, friend or co-worker

Problems dealing with life events, change and stress

Dealing with issues such as divorce, separation, relocation, illness, childbirth, ageing, loss of life’s meaning

Work-related problems

Dealing with workplace conflict, change, stress

Eating problems

Such as fasting, bingeing, purging, extreme dieting, distressing concern with body weight or image

Relationship problems

Difficulties with unhelpful relationship patterns; problems with communication, problem solving, trust or intimacy; dealing with relationship breakdown or separation

Anger or rage concerns

Dealing with anger and rage from past hurt; managing aggression; problems being assertive

Substance-use problems

Dealing with issues such as alcohol and cannabis use

Sleep problems

Changing old sleep habits and learning techniques for better sleep


Helping to build confidence, increase performance and life’s meaning